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Styled after that classic game of taking a chance, this is the story of a family who championed a cause they believed in, and showed the world what taking a chance looked like. Their stiff liquid courage once powered the highest selling product in the defence market. When that wound down, Lalit Kalani, the third-generation founder, took up the mantle to reestablish his family’s legacy and Rock Paper Rum was born.

This triple distilled rum upholds elegantly spiced nuances – handcrafted and made in small batches, with an unwavering focus on quality. One that’s disruptive, and sports a bold, playful and punchy attitude, quite like the sugarcane it is made from – an ingredient so Indian at heart that the country is its second largest producer.


Indian Spiced



Coastal White

Label Renders-01.png

Zesty Lemon

An original recipe of elegantly spiced nuances that’s made in small batches. Tear away the handcrafted beauty that sings in an oaky tune and what you find is a rare blend of botanicals underneath.

Indulge in the hallmark of an excellent experience. A world of flavours all of its own. Refreshingly woody & sweet with a hint of vanilla, this vibrant Coastal White Rum is artfully blended and made in small batches.

Dive into the zesty notes of lemon and experience a burst of citrusy flavours. Blended in small batches to bring out the refreshing flavours of this tangy creation.

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Tropical Coconut

Label Renders-02.png

Roast Coffee

Givein to the tropical flavours of coconut, reminiscent of the breezy beaches and sunsets. A small batch creation with a fusion of sweet & lively notes, makes this rum a leisurely drink

Give way to the deep & elegant notes of expresso for an astounding experience. Revel in the exquisiteness of roast coffee, vanilla and secret spices highlighted in the nuanced palate of this drink

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